Friday, January 12, 2018

Recording of Sci-fi -Sci-Earth 1.12.2018 with special guest Mike Sims.

Recording of Sci-fi -Sci-Earth 1.12.2018 with Becky Escamilla. In this episode, Becky talks with special guest Mike Sims. Discussion includes his upcoming book Violet from the Vickie series and soon to be published book Southern Cross. Also the possibility of a TV series to be made from his books.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Southern Cross New Book out of editing!

My new standalone book Southern Cross is now out of editing!  It is polished and ready to be prepared for publishing.  However I am letting a literary agent have a crack at selling it to a mainstream publisher first.  Southern Cross is an all age appropriate story about a boy named Miguel that lives in a small Mexican village.  He discovers one night that the stars are wrong and now has to convince his village of it.  His discovery takes him on a big adventure.

Valkyrie released in Portuguese!

My book Valkyrie is finished in the Portuguese translation and now headed for publishing.  That completes the series so far in that language. Will be available in paperback and ebook soon.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Mike on Internet Radio show interview 1/12/18

Mike Sims will be interviewed on the internet radio show Sci-Fi-Sci-Earth**hosted by Becky Escamilla.  He has been on this show last year and was a lot of fun for him to do especially with such a good host.  Previous show can be listened to on his youtube, podcast or soundcloud accounts linked on the main author page at:

Sci-Fi-Sci-Earth is a UFO/Paranormal/Science Fiction show that airs every Friday at 6pm CST.  So Mike's live interview will be on this Friday 1/12/18 at 6pm CST.   Main discussion of topic will be about the latest on his books including an exciting new development in the area of a possible TV show based on the Vickie books.  You are invited to listen in and if you miss it, it will be rebroadcasted on various social links later all found on the main author website.

Direct link to the live broadcast is here:

Radio broadcast website: <>

Sci-Fi-Sci-Earth website: <> 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mike Sims' Vickie series of books being worked on as TV series.

Houston author's books being vetted for TV series

Mike Sims' Vickie series of books being worked on as TV series.


Producer Barney Cohen on board to make TV series

Actress Leni Rico has completed the project of narrating author, Mike Sims’ novel “Vickie” into the Spanish version audio book.  Ms. Rico was so enchanted by the novel and Vickie’s story that she introduced the novel and story to Hollywood producer Barney Cohen. After Mr. Cohen reviewed the concepts and stories in Mike Sims’ series of Vickie novels, he became convinced on the idea of turning the Vickie books into a TV series. 

Additionally, Mike has brought his friend Nicole Andani, VP of Marketing from Northern Response on board to help facilitate in the process.  The team grows larger daily, as more people discover and appreciate Vickie and her story; and thus, gain the desire to help make this venture a success.

Mike recently spoke at the Houston Writers Guild Indiepalooza about his experiences with Tate Publishing and their current legal troubles with the Attorney General's office of Oklahoma.  Featured on a Fox 26 newscast about the issue, you can view Mike's interview here: Fox 26 News about Tate Publishing

Mike Sims is the author of the Vickie series books which currently feature the novels:  “Vickie”, “Valkyrie” and “Vic/Tim”.  Mike lives in West Houston/Katy.    

Barney Cohen is the writer/producer of “Guernica”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, “Forever Knight”, “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”, etc. 

Leni Rico is an actress that has been featured in a variety of TV/Movies and the narrator of the audio book “Vickie” in Spanish.

Nicole Andani is the VP of Marketing for Northern Response.  Northern Response sells numerous DIrect Response TV products including Shamwow and P90X.
Read More about Barney Cohen
Author Website

Vickie Series of Books

Vickie books are available in ebook, print and audiobook everywhere online and in various languages.  Book direct links here:  Book Links

Leni Rico

Vickie in Spanish audio book available on Amazon's audible and iTunes.

Keep Reading

Violet is coming soon

Then next volume in the Vickie series is in the final drafts of development.  Violet continues the story where Vickie meets her greatest nemesis.   

Southern Cross in final editing

Coming in February, this all age appropriate story is about Miguel, a boy in a poor Mexican village that discovers the stars are all wrong in the sky.  His discovery takes him and his whole village on an adventure that changes the world.

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