Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Southern Cross Pitch on IMDB

I am pleased to announce that my book Southern Cross is on IMDB as a pitch for a TV movie.  Southern Cross is an adventure story about a young boy named Miguel who lives in a poor Mexican village.  He dreams of being an astronomer and while observing the stars one night realizes they are all wrong.  He and his entire village are not in the right place in the world anymore.  His discovery will take he and his people on an adventure that will make them world famous.  Available in ebook in English and Spanish, also in English paperback and hardcover.  Audiobook soon to be released in English.

Southern Cross TV pitch produced by Mike Sims, Leni Rico and Nicole Andani.  Actress Leni Rico will narrate Southern Cross in Spanish audiobook as well intended to play the character Sarah Martinez in the produced version for TV.  Leni has also narrated in Spanish the book Vickie of the Vickie series of books for Mike Sims.  She has a long career in TV and movies including most recently The Poison Rose with John Travolta and Morgan Freeman.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The narrator Leni Rico for my Vickie book series in Spanish appearing in a movie with John Travolta, Morgan Freeman and others.

The narrator for my Vickie book series in Spanish appearing in a movie with John Travolta, Morgan Freeman and others. Congrats Leni Rico! The Poison Rose movie. www.Mazzaroth.net

Thursday, April 26, 2018

BookTeaser.net launches with heavy hitter Voice Talent!

I am so proud that my new venture producing book trailers for authors is taking shape.  I am providing simple to complex book trailers to help market books on www.bookteaser.net.  As an option to these trailers, I have gained some voice talent, that for a very reasonable fee will provide their amazing voice to narrate what the author wishes to say during the trailer.  Some of these guys are movie/TV actors and also some are Grammy award-winning singers.  Some can provide bilingual English/Spanish as well.  Some have done many audiobooks and even for me.  Thank you guys for lending your talent to authors.

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Lazarus Game TV Pitch

The Lazarus Game is a pitch screenplay written/produced by Barney Cohen.  Barney is known for the movie Guernica and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, TV shows Forever Knight, The Wonderful World of Disney, Forever Knight and a slew of others.  He is now working on The Lazarus Game which is taken from the Vickie series book Valkyrie.  Valkyrie is the second book in a series based on the main character Vickie.  She is a rape victim from her teens who is a powerful woman that seeks her brand of justice on things that are wrong or at least get in her way.  She is not politically correct and does not fear consequences.  She will bring people and things down she feels deserve it but also manages to redeem people.  An advertising executive by trade yet spends an enormous amount of time taking care of issues in life.  She has a destiny, one that will change the world.  The Lazarus Game is a corporate game that executives play on poor interns.  These interns are brought in to expose them to the corporate world and give them experience.  However, the game is a cruel game as they are played with by some executives and betted on.  The game itself is considered just a nuisance at first for Vickie till she sees the real damage it causes.  What she does not realize is her interference in this game brings the attention of a powerful wealthy woman named Violet.  We see her briefly in the book Valkyrie but the next book Violet is coming soon.  The screenplay being pitched focuses on The Lazarus Game which is a timely story and has significant value as a social message as well as entertainment. 

The goal is to make this one story into a TV movie which should lead to a TV series.  There is a good amount of momentum and interest building.  Known actresses are reading the books themselves to consider playing it.  I am personally excited about the prospect that my work would make it to the screen.  It is just a matter of the right person to step forward and coming on board with it.  There is already some heavy hitters on the Vickie team.  Just need to see it through and make it happen.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

David Sotolongo to narrate Southern Cross audiobook

It is a distinct honor that my books have been narrated by talented people like Brenna Hobbs and Leni Rico, and they still continue to work on the Vickie series.  I am glad to announce a new member to this family; David Sotolongo who is an actor and voice talent taking on the narration for my book Southern Cross.  Welcome aboard David! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Southern Cross out soon in ebook and paperback Spanish

I am happy to announce that Southern Cross in Spanish will be available soon in ebook and paperback. Thanks to the wonderful work of María Gabriela Guzmán Miguel for her translations and editing skills, this book is in the language that the story is based on.